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  1. If you were born in China, (includes Hong Kong & Taiwan) please write your name in Chinese characters on
    the visa application form. If you have not had an expired China visa in your current passport, you must submit
    a copy of previous China visas from an earlier passport, or your original Chinese passport. If you do not have
    previous China visas or Chinese passport you must submit your Chinese birth certificate. If you cannot gain
    access to any of the above documents, you must apply in person at the Chinese consulate.
  2. First time applicants who were born in China must send your original Chinese passport to us.
  3. First time applicants who were born in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau must send us a photocopy of their
    previous passport or other legal document, such as birth certificate issued from Taiwan, HongKong or Macau.
  4. Non-US passport holders must provide original green card or valid US visa.
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