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    Instructions for Document Authentication
Our document authentication services help you to get your important documents authenticated by the Chinese
Consulate in Houston on time. The Chinese Consulate in Houston authenticates the documents, such as birth
certificates, death certificates, power of attorney, marriage certificates, diplomas, adoption application papers,
business licenses and etc., which originated in the following states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.
                              Basic Procedures
Step 1
complete and sign Authentication Application Form (G1).  Click here to download and print the form
Note: Please be advised that ALL authentication applicants are required to use the new Form from November 15, 2017. Please fill out
the form truthfully, completely and clearly in Capitalized English on the computer and use either an inkjet or laser printer to print the
completed form. Previous version form will no longer be accepted after November 15, 2017.

Step 2
Have your documents (such as Power of Attorney or single affidavit) notarized by a local notary public unless it is an
original certified copy/certification issued by a competent Federal/ State/local Office,such as birth/death certificate,
marriage certificate, in that case please
go to 3..

Step 3
The notarized documents need further to be certified by the Secretary of the State where it is executed. Some states
require that the document be certified by the County Clerk first.

Step 4.
Send both certified documents and support document (such as your passport copy) to us, then we will submit the
documents to Chinese Consulate-General for final apostille.

Step 5. After final apostille ready, we will mail the authenticated documents to you.

According to your purpose, please select the category in the following and prepare paper work, then send them to us.
We can provide a full service at some case. If you need a full service, please call us at 713 335 5537

  1. Please make sure you have followed all steps for authentication before submitting your document to the Chinese
    Embassy/Consulate-General for final legalization.
  2. Your documents must be authentic, intact and legitimate. The Embassy/Consulate-Generals will NOT authenticate a document
    that contains illegal contents under Chinese laws or may cause potential threats to China's national or public interests.
  3. To ensure the integrity of the document. The Embassy / Consulate-Generals will NOT authenticate a document if it is found
    illegitimate, or in any way forged, counterfeited, fraudulent or altered.
  4. Single affidavits/certificates intended to be used for marriage registration in China and certain adoption documents regarding
    marital status, health status, or criminal records are only valid for six months from the date of issuance. The Embassy / Consulate-
    Generals will NOT authenticate a document if it becomes invalid.
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