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Brazil Tourist Visa: issued to foreigners
who enter Brazil temporarily for tourism,
sightseeing, family visiting, participation in
athletic or artistic events or competition (no
monetary prize or paid admission is involved),
participation in a scientific/academic seminar or
conference sponsored by a research or
academic institution (no monetary prize or paid
admission is involved).
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Brazil Business Visa  issued to foreigners
who are invited to Brazil for business visit,
participation in a trade/industrial show, media
coverage, film making, or child adoption.

Brazil Student Visa: issued to a foreigner
who comes to Brazil to pursue graduate or
post-graduate academic studies.
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Brazil Work Visa:  issued to a foreigner who
enters Brazil to work or to provide service or
technical support.
Tell: 281 660 6151
Mailing Service: Yes
Appointment:      No
Living Support:   Yes
Cost:                    Service+ Consulate Fee
You don't need to make an
appointment and not need to travel
to Consulate in Houston, just mail
the documents to us. After received
you documents, our specialists will
check all documents to comply with
consulate's requirement, which will
avoid your application delay.

Our officer will personally drop off
your application at consulate and
pick up your visa, which save your
trip and avoid waiting in line yourself.
We will update your application
status by Email or Phone
Mailing service: No
Appointment:     YES
Living Support:   No
Cost:                     Consulate Fee
To apply Brazil visa in person,
you need to make an
appointment over phone first,
then travel to the consulate in
Houston and wait in line to drop
off your application. After you
submit your application, you will
need to go back and pick up
your visa days later. Please keep
in mind Brazil Consulates are
normally crowded and long lines
are expected. However, you can
avoid paying our serve fee to
apply Brazil visa in person.
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                                                       CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS
I wanted to personally thank you for the great service.  I have been sending my passport to various companies for over 10 years and your service was the
best. I appreciate the updates and the fast service...
Russell Epstein

I already received my US passport with Chinese visa this morning.
Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will use your service
next time and I will also refer you to my friends and my colleagues.
Your help is very much appreciated!
Again, Thanks

Thank you very much. You process my case so fast that
it is beyond expectation. Thank you very much.

Hope to work with you again and will refer friends, you have been very helpful and responsive!
Tysen Gannon

We received our visas on Wednesday morning.  Thank you so much for your excellent and efficient service!
Ruth Dirks

Your service was excellent.
Very high level of communication, I appreciated that.
Paul Younger