Visa and Passport Service

As a private passport and visa service company that officially registered with but not affiliated with China consulate, BCV does not issue visa or in any way determine visa issuance. BCV is not and cannot be
responsible for any determinations, act or omissions by China Consulate.
Chinese consular officials are entitled to decide on the type, number of entries, validity and duration of each stay of a visa to be issued
based on Chinese laws and regulations. Consular officials reserve the right to decline a visa application or revoke an issued visa.
Document Required for Hong Kong Visa Application
1. Valid Passport: Send your original passport . For non-US citizens please send a copy of your permanent resident card or your valid US
2; Application Form:   Send us the fully completed and signed application form.  Click here to download the form.
3. Travel and Hotel Documents: Itinerary, hotel reservation confirmation, and bank statement are also required to be included in your
4. Photo:  One passport photo, which must be 2x2, black and white, or color, with a white, or light background, and show a full, front view of
    your face.
Visa is not required for U.S. citizens to enter Hong Kong if staying in Hong Kong for less than 90 days. For non-U.S. citizens to find out whether a visa is required,
please visit
Hong Kong Immigration Department web site for visa requirement.
China visa
Total Cost  =  A + B
A.  Visa Fee and BCV Service Fee
B.  Return Shipping Fee
Option 1
Send back your visa via FedEx
Option 2
FedEx priority overnight,  FedEx Saturday Delivery.
Option 3
Enclosing a prepaid air bill or an envelope with sufficient stamps (US Post Office
Express Mail, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or Certified Mail. Regular Mails or
Priority Mails without confirmation are not accepted).
Shipping of Application
    BCV Visa and Passport Services
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Processing Time
Duration Each
Consulate Fee
BCV Service
Total Fee
7-10 Business
3 Months
30 days
4-6 Business days
3 Months
30 days
2 -3
Business Days
3 Months
30 days
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