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  1. 你可从我们网站下境外居住人员领取养老金资格审核.
  2. 将你填写好的申请表让当地公证员进行公证:
  3. 复印你在美国的身份证件,如绿卡等
  4. 提供你中国护照或者美国护照的复印件
  5. 委托BCV代办公证书
  6. 费用:$40 (服务费)+ $25 (邮寄费)=$65.00
  7. 将以上文件邮寄给我们

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Shipping Address:
BCV Visa and Passport Services
21306 Chickory Trail
Katy, TX 77450
281 660 6151
Tel: 281 660 6151
    Instructions for Document Authentication Application
Our document authentication services help you to get your important documents authenticated by the Chinese
Consulate in Houston on time. The Chinese Consulate in Houston authenticates such documents as birth certificates,
death certificates, power of attorney, marriage certificates, diplomas, adoption application papers, business licenses
and etc., which originated in the following states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Oklahoma, and Texas.
Option 1
Send back your documents via FedEx
Option 2
FedEx priority overnight,  FedEx Saturday Delivery.
Option 3
Enclosing a prepaid envelope with sufficient stamps (US Post Office Express Mail,
Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or Certified Mail. Regular Mails or Priority Mails
without confirmation are not accepted).