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1.Passport Equipment:
    You must send your actual passport, not a copy of it. Your passport must be signed and be valid for at least 6 months beyond the
    validity of your requested visa, and
    The passport must have at least two blank visa pages (amendments and endorsement pages cannot be used for a visa ). Passports
    must also be in good condition and not altered in any way. To be eligible for a 3 Year Visa, your passport must be valid for 3 and
    half years from the date of your first entry into Russia.
  • If your passport does not meet these requirements, please contact BCV for further instructions.
  • Non-US citizens must present proof of legal residency, such as a photocopy of either a green card, or valid visa issued by the United
    States government.
2. Official Invitation Letter from Russia
    The invitation letter, officially titled as a “Confirmation of hosting a foreign tourist”, must be issued by a Russian hotel or travel agency,
    registered with Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    If you would prefer, we can obtain the invitation for you with extra charge of $35.00. Please call us for instruction to obtain the
    invitation letter.
3. Visa Application Form
    The Russian Consulate requires a visa application completed online. Click here to complete the application form online. When you
    start your application form online, It's very important to keep ID number (located top of web-page) and Password for your record. Your
    visa request cannot be processed if you do not complete the application form online. Your completed application must:
  • Provide answers for all fields (handwritten changes are not accepted). If a question is not applicable to the applicant, he/she should
    put “N/A”.
  • Display an original signature inside the box found directly below the section where we will attach your photograph
  • Be accompanied by a copy of your Application ID and password.
    Notice: Last question on application form: "Select the location where you will apply for your visa": please select VFS (Houston)
4. Passport-type Photo
    You must provide two color, 2x2 passport-type photos that be taken within the last three months against an all-white background and
    printed on high-quality photo paper. DO NOT affix the photo to the application or trim the photo to fit the box on the application. Please
    leave it loose in your package and we will handle the rest. Photos printed on regular papers are not accepted.
5. BCV order Form
    Complete BCV Visa Order Form.This online form is essential for us to know your application is coming and your shipping address
    and contact information

Additional Requirements that may apply to you
1. Former Russian Nationals Only
    You must provide a cover letter stating the date that you renounced your Russian citizenship. The consulate will not issue a visa to
    former Russian nationals who do not supply this cover letter.
2. Minors Traveling to Russia
    All minors must submit a copy of his or her birth certificate.  Other conditions may apply:
  • If the minor is traveling to Russia with only one parent or without both parents, he or she must submit a notarized original letter of
    consent providing permission from the non-accompanying parent or legal guardian to travel to Russia on the specified dates of the
    trip.  Those signing this letter must provide copies of his or her driver’s license and passport information page
  • If the minor is adopted, you must submit a copy of the adoption papers in addition to a copy of the birth certificate
  • If the parents already hold a Russian visa, they must provide a copy of the Russian visa showing validity that covers the minor’s travel
  • If the parents are Russian citizens, they must provide certification of Russian citizenship
3. Former Soviet and Ukrainian Citizens
    Click here for additional Requirement for former USSR country citizen and their children.
The Russian tourist visa is for the person who conducts short-term business exchange, participates in exhibitions, auctions, and also in
the case of medical consultation or examination.
Total Cost  =  A + B
Processing Time
Visa  Fee
BCV Service Fee
Visa Fee + BCV Service  
3 Years
8-10 Business Days
11-15 Business Days
Option 1
Send back your visa via FedEx
Option 2
FedEx priority overnight,  FedEx Saturday Delivery.
Option 3
Enclosing a prepaid air bill or an envelope with sufficient stamps (US Post Office
Express Mail, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, or Certified Mail. Regular Mails or
Priority Mails without confirmation are not accepted).
A.  Visa Fee and BCV Service Fee
B.  Return Shipping Fee
Shipping of Application
    BCV Visa and Passport Service
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As a private passport and visa service company, BCV does not issue visa or in any way determine visa issuance. BCV is not and cannot be responsible for any determinations,
act or omissions by China Consulate.
Chinese consular officials are entitled to decide on the type, number of entries, validity and duration of each stay of a visa to be
issued based on Chinese laws and regulations. Consular officials reserve the right to decline a visa application or revoke an issued visa.
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