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As a private passport and visa service company that officially registered with but not affiliated with government office, BCV provide expediting visa and passport services for more
than 15 years to serve US citizens and permanent residents.  We also serve hundreds of US institutions, corporate, and travel agencies.

Our specialists will help you with your application forms and support documents to comply with government's requirement, which will avoid your application delay and help you
get visa fast. We
will be on behalf of you to drop off and pick up your application, then mail back to you.  Which save your trip and avoid waiting in line yourself, and avoid your
application delay, and help you get your passport as fast as 24 hours.

Customers are the key to our success.  We are committed to giving you the best personalized services you can get.  Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are of
100% satisfaction.  The experienced BCV professionals are always willing to go the extra mile to help our customer’s every passport and visa needs.

Our Customer Privacy Protection Policy:
BCV is committed to protecting your privacy.  We only collect the personal information that is required for passport and visa applications from our customers.  All the personal
information collected is kept confidential.  We only use the information you provide to expedite your passport and visa application and do not share this information with any

You can go to the foreign consulates or government passport agency to apply the visa or passport in person to avoid paying our service fees.
 Please contact foreign consulate
website or U.S passport website
: Chinese Embassy or U.S Department of State or Brazil Embassy  or India Embassy

Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

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